ArtHouses:22 shared a six month programme of arts events and activities, making new connections and conversations with contemporary arts practices in Whitley Bay.

Working with people and venues in the town, we created unique situations to encounter and experience artists projects, that explored the possibilities of hosting artworks in people’s homes and the interconnected ecologies of public and private space.

Through our activities we worked with 31 artists and connected with over 700 people who attended and took part in our six projects; REVISIT, Rock Up!, Unperforming, Home Actions, Tea Universe and a collaborative zine called Washed Up.


30 - 31 July 2022
Victoria Avenue

Our programme launched at the end of July with REVISIT, a weekend event which brought digital works commissioned over the last two years of ArtHouses into the physical space of a home in Whitley Bay.

Artworks by : Bil Woodhouse, Dolores Ramona, Fritha Jenkins, Jen Southern, Kate Liston, Lesley Guy & Tom O'Sullivan and Petra Szemán

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Rock Up!
17th September 2022
St Mary's Lighthouse

Rock Up! A day of rocky thinking, talking and exploring at St Mary’s Lighthouse with Rocky Climates artists research collective.

Rocky Climates artists contributing to this event were Ellie Barrett, Rebecca Birch, Sarah Casey, Simone Kenyon, Paula Kolar, Dominic Smith, Jen Southern accompanied by geologist Livi Adu.

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13 October 2022

Louise Ashcroft and Fritha Jenkins host a special edition of their funny live art night UNPERFORMING at Laurels in Whitley Bay, bringing you sketches, performances and more from artists across the North East.

Performances from: Louise Ashcroft and Fritha Jenkins, Amy Finch, Gen Davies, Lucy Heaton, Zoe Kendall, Simon Raven, James Wilkinson & Jacqueline Wood

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Tea Universe
Giles Bailey
January 21st
Homes across Whitley Bay

New domestic rituals created with people in Whitley Bay and shared through performances in their homes.

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Washed Up
a zine made with Melody Sproates
Zine launch January 21st

Through a series of creative workshops zinester Mel Sproates has been reconnecting with people who have been involved in ArtHouses:22 - artists, residents, participants - to make a zine together.

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Home Actions
August - December 2022
Homes across Whitley Bay

This ongoing series of micro-events hosted in people's homes brought together new groups of people, creating spaces to engage with contemporary arts practices, through workshops, making, film screenings and shared spaces for conversations celebrating the home a place for action.

Home Actions were led by artists: Giles Bailey, Roxana Caplan, Laura Harrington & Meredith Root-Bernstein, Martha Lane, Melody Sproates, Rosie Stronach, Marjolaine Ryley and Ana Margarida Araujo & Sneha Solanki

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Support & Partnerships
We are really pleased to receive funding from an Arts Council National Lottery Project Grant with additional support from Whitley Bay Big Local and North Tyneside Council. We will also be working in partnership with The Newbridge Project and Laurels.