This year ArtHouses has collaborated with some of the artists from our projects to create some exciting editioned artworks so that you can bring ArtHouses into your home.

The Raspberry Oracle
Lesley Guy & Tom O'Sullivan

The Raspberry Oracle is a tool for divination and imaginative enquiry that takes its starting point from 52 postcards collected by artists Lesley Guy and Tom O'Sullivan.

Once used only in the privacy of their home, the Raspberry Oracle can now be shared through this first edition of cards made for ArtHouses:REVISIT complete with a guide to making a reading and interpreting the cards.

First Edition of 25 decks £50.00 each





OPENINGS!!! film poster
Petra Szemán

An unlimited edition print of a film poster for Petra Szemán's film Openings!!!

Featuring Petra's protagonist,'Yourself', this poster is part of the artist’s ongoing exploration of the radical potential of animation and fandom to expand filmic boundaries into a multi-planar and ultimately elusive meta-worldview.

A1 poster £26.00 each