Tea Universe
Giles Bailey
21st January 2023
Sharing Event 5 - 7pm & Performances by Appointment

Giles Bailey has worked with people living in Whitley Bay to create new domestic rituals for Tea Universe. These acts involving gestures, words, or objects, performed according to a set sequence, were developed in workshops that considered how rituals are part of daily life and an important way we make meaning. In different ways they explore how the home can become a site for rites of passage, dedications, oaths of allegiance or actions that neutralise anxiety.


Tea Universe in your home
If you live in Whitley Bay then you can book an appointment to have Giles perform in your house. Each visit will last for around 30 minutes and will be an opportunity for you (and your friends if you invite them) to see a live performance of some these domestic rituals, explore the scores that people have produced and talk with Giles about the project.

If you would like a performance of Tea Universe in your home then please use this form to provide us with your details and when you would prefer to Giles to visit on the 21st of January.Places are limited, but we will try and fit in as many people as possible during the day.


Tea Universe Sharing Event
5 - 7 pm 21st January
47 Victoria Avenue, Whitley Bay

If you do not live in Whitley Bay you can still experience Tea Universe at an open house event from 5-7pm. There will be opportunities to see the actions performed and explore the scores created through the project. We will also be launching our zine created with Mel Sproates and Whitley Bay residents as part of this event.
Map to find us