20th August to 30 August 2021


Dawn Felicia Knox . Fritha Jenkins . Jen Southern . Kate Liston . Lady Kitt . Lesley Guy & Tom O'Sullivan . Louise Ashcroft . Maud Haya-Baveira . Petra Szemán . Self Publishing Lab with Lots of Hands

ARTHOUSES: LOCALwifi presents new artworks through a network of wifi hotspots hosted by people living in Whitley Bay from 20 -30 August 2021. Each hotspot presents a different artwork that people access by going to the location and connecting to the LOCALwifi network from the street. The LOCAL wifi app guides you to the locations marked on a map. When you arrive at each location, you can connect to the LOCALwifi network in your phone settings, and view the artwork on the screen of your mobile phone.

How will this work?

Soon you will be able to download the LOCALwifi app. Watch the video to see how this will work...


Who we are:

This year’s ArtHouses team are Sophie Buxton, Rob Smith and Dominic Smith, all practising artists based in Whitley Bay.

ArtHouses LOCALwifi is supported by Arts Council England National Lottery Funding, North Tyneside Council and Whitley Bay Big Local