Bronwen Buckeridge working with Whitley Bay residents for Looking and Hooking, ArtHouses 2019
Image: Bronwen Buckeridge working with Whitley Bay residents for Looking and Hooking, ArtHouses 2019

ArtHouses:Home Actions
Open Call

Deadline for expressions of interest: Monday 4th July 9am

We are looking for expressions of interest from artists and creative practitioners to deliver a Home Action; a micro-event that brings together people and artists through sharing contemporary art practices in someone’s home.

We want ideas that can be delivered to groups of around 10 people, in a 2-3 hour session that can be hosted by people in their house. These could take the form of workshops, film screenings, performance, readings, making and more. We are open to all proposals that explore or connect with your practice and can generate engagement with people in Whitley Bay through this.

We will gather these proposals together and select from them in conversation with people who will be hosting the sessions. Home Actions will take place August to December 2022, and selection will be ongoing during this period.


What is ArtHouses: Home Actions?
Home Actions is a series of micro-events that will be hosted by people in their homes in Whitley Bay between August and December 2022. They will explore the home as a place of action, activism, connection and diy cultures, with each event bringing together new groups of people, creating shared spaces for conversation and engagement with contemporary arts practices in Whitley Bay.

We want our programme of Home Actions to build relationships with the places where people live, and explore the intersections between communities, homes and ecologies. It will bring together artists and residents in the space of someone’s home through issues of shared interest, and create a discursive space for artists and the public.

There will be approximately 10 Home Actions, between August and December 2022, each lasting 2-3 hours depending on the activity. The form of the actions is open, but could be a workshop, film screening, sharing artworks or texts. We will also consider activities that do not take place in a house but would still fit within the format of the project. Home Actions will be open to the public through an online booking system and we imagine that each would aim to engage around 10 people.

ArtHouses is always growing our network of people in Whitley Bay who want to take part and host events in their homes, so if you live in Whitley Bay and would like to host an event or you just want to come along, please get in touch:


Who is the open call for?
We want to hear from artists, practitioners and makers working in the North East, and especially in North Tyneside/ Newcastle, who would like to deliver a Home Action, and share their practices and ideas with people in Whitley Bay.

We really do want to hear from you! ArtHouses is an artist-run project and we understand the importance of building networks and conversations to keep practice going. An open call is a great way for us to keep connected with artists and their practices in the North East.


We can offer a fee of £160 for a 2-3 hour session, plus additional support for preparation time, travel and supporting materials if required.


How to apply?
We know that applications take time so we have tried to keep this process as simple as possible, and we are using a short Google form to collect expressions of interest.

Click Here to Apply

Deadline: Monday 4th July 9am


To apply the form will ask for some personal details so we can contact you, a link to a webpage where we can see examples of your work and the following questions:

What would you like to explore through your Home Action?
This is an opportunity to tell us about the ideas or themes that you would want to explore with people in your session.

How would you do this? What form would your action take?
Tell us more about how you imagine your session working, what will people do, how does that work in somebody's home? Remember it needs to be delivered in a 2 -3 hour session for around 10 people.

We have made a limit of 1000 characters (~150 words) on these questions to make this part of the process as easy as possible. So don’t worry too much about specific details at this stage, we want to hear about the ideas you want to explore, how this relates to your practice and the general approach you would take. It is important that your proposed Home Action should consider how they will be delivered in somebody's home.

Please also take the time to complete our Equality and Diversity monitoring form to help us ensure that opportunities like these are fair and accesible for as many people as possible.
Equality and Diversity Monitoring form


What will happen next?
We will collect all the expressions of interest into a database of ideas that we can share with the people hosting the Home Actions. We will then have conversations with householders hosting Home Actions about sessions proposed by practitioners and we will get in touch with you if we would like you to lead a Home Action.


Deadline for expressions of interest: Monday 4th July 9am

please get in touch if you have any queries or if you cannot access the google form with your expression of interest: